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I’m lost without you by Nancy Hanson

ByLordsent David

Jul 4, 2024

Popular Gospel singer Nancy Hanson from (Tawe record label) released a new powerful song titled I’M LOST WITHOUT YOU


what motivated me to pen down this song was when I droped out from sch in 2015… At that point I was tempted by some of course mates to hang out every night just to meet up with sch process. And at this point I was left out with no option if not God’s Grace and love that helped me through. At this point the holy spirit ministered clearly to me that Live without Him is nothing. At this moment i was so confused and Left indecisive whether to join my friends and involved in dirty activities in d campus 😭. No one was there to advise or encourage me on what to do.. There I heard a voice telling me That without His leading and I should consider my enter life Lost & gone…There inside taxi while leaving everything behind, I heard this song inspiration ringing in my mind &, n quickly I took out my biro began jotting down in my old darily that is full of my stories…. Well I giv God all the GLORY that He didn’t leave me alone to go astray wit some bad & confused sch friends back then…. I’m glad that this dream had finally com to existence today, & I’m mch excited that hv been able to impact my generation with my song thru the Help of my spiritual father, evang.ubong ifiok. I really appreciate His immense support and effort He offered to bring my imagination to Reality today. God bless you sir.🙏To the glory of God more are dropping… &, I can’t just wait to Bless more lives and create more impact to my world… Thanks everyone for your support and love you given… Lov y’all. So ma’am .that’s my short experience that brought about the writing of this song.

By Lordsent David

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