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Music: Dansaki Oba by Rhoda Ewa iyin jesu

Dansaki Oba By Dr Rhoda Sowunmi (A.K.A Ewa Iyin Jesu)
Dr Mrs Rhoda Sowunmi is a Music minister, an Assistant Pastor in The Redeemed Christian Church of God, an Educationist who holds a Masters and PhD degrees in Sociology of Education from Lagos State University, she is married and blessed with with children. She is called into music ministry to set the captives free through prophetic songs and leading people to God’s presence through glorious worship and praises. Dansaki Oba is a single-track song that evolved from a heart of gratitude to God during an intense appreciation of God’s grace and mercy


Lyrics Of Dansaki Oba

By Dr. Rhoda Sowunmi (Ewa Iyin Jesu)
Mi o le dupe tan 4×
Ore Jesu po l’aye mi, mi o le dupe tan.
T’ire ni Iyin, t’ire ni Ogo,
T’ire ni iyin Olorun ayeraye

Hallelujah meje meje oo
E je ka Jo f’ogo fun Baba
Hallelujah meje meje oo
Iyin Hosssnah meje meje oo

Mi o le dupe tan…..
Nitoripe mo n yin o oo,
Baba mimo gbejo mi ro,
Nitoripe mo n yin o oo
Edumare gba leta mi ka
Dafidi f’ijo yin o oo,
O se l’ologo pataki,
Paul and Silas na yin o oo,
Won bo l’owo ewon aye,
Emi Rhoda na yin o oo,
Baba wa se mi l’oore pataki

Mi o le dupe tan…..
Oba ti kii ku, Oba ti kii sa
Oba ti kii ti, Oba ti kii te o
Olori aye, Olori Orun mo se dansaki re

Boya le mo, wipe ki ma I s’ewe oo
E mo i s’egbo, Ogun ko oo
I say no be juju o
Oruko Jesu Mo fi n gbera

Ire kan mi, Ayo kan mi
Isegun kan mi Igbega kan mi o
Baba mo dupe Oluwa o seun
Baba mo dupe
Oluwa O seun

By Lordsent David

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