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Yakubu Thomas Biography

ByLordsent David

Jul 12, 2023

Yakubu thomas was (born on the 7 of July 2000 in Maiduguri borno state, is a kamwe born Christian worshipper who have been singing since when he was a child and by the time he got 17 he already started ministering @ fcs service and conference he drop his first song “MORE OF YOU” 2019 From his debiut album RELENTLESS WORSHIP.

Which was launch 20 February2023 and has other 5 songs besides.

1_more of you


3_kanuna Mani


5_Ga yabo na

When ever Yakubu Thomas minister in any conference or poragram, the audience Always feel the glory of God down on earth.

Yakubu Thomas continue his mission to use his voice to win souls for Christ mean while he alway put more enfort in the things of God. He keeping droping single up till date.



By Lordsent David

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