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Biography of Minister Ale Amadi

ByLordsent David

Jul 10, 2023

Amadi Alechi Chukwuka, popularly knowed as Minister Ale Amadi (TU_Blessed)
is a Nigerian Gospel singer songwriter, who’s stage name is ALE AMADI.

He was born in Nigeria in River,s State on June 21,1993 in port harcourt. He attendent his primary school in state school 1 OMUANWA in the year 2002_2006, which he was admitted in community secondary school OMUANWA in the year 2007_2012. He started his music career in the year 2010 the music group name was 2b.The 2b stand for 2 boys which they are BROWN JOE and BROWN A. He was the brown A. During his affro music time he was a good songs writer and a good lyrics maker. He wrote 60% of the songs in the music group which connected them to Kingsley lsaiah and the big politician connected them to Port Harcourt Wazobia presenter Ben 10. From there the music group became the most influential music group in port harcourt after releasing two wazobia jingle which help them to meet DJ Smart Don and DJ Gbenga. He was an afro musician for over 7years,but his mom never supported him unless he uses his career to win soul for God through his music. After the 7years the music group split which he finally accepted his mother’s dream to win soul for God through his music career in the year 2017.

Minister ALE AMADI keep on wondering how he can meet up when he don’t haven the spirit of Gospel music in he? But the mom advice him to keep on praying after a week fasting and prayer, the artist was help by the holy spirit and he started writing good Gospel music like “STORY CHANGER” and many more, and life became favourable for him. Which he further his education to study Music in Ignatius Ajuru University of Education, Rumuolumini, Port Harcourt.

But in his primary school days the Gospel vocalist didn’t find life easy with his family as he was born poor which push he into agriculture’s farms jobs to ensure day feed and continue his primary school like other children in the community,but with the help of God he always make success in all his steps,on the process he meat with Kelly blitz through their directions of the two Minister’s he recorded the first track which he recorded and he became a member of busy beat music, Minister ALE AMADI the stage strengthen gain scholarship from his uncle’s to pay his school variety fee’s till he finish his university study,the way the lord may have it,one of the uncle wife late Miss: Vorinecal Amadi and Barrister AMADI Emmanuel and Rev, Father ANDERSON Ameachi firstly seen the timeless light in he, day decided to assist he financially as he is studying,but Minister Minister ALE AMADI (TU-Blessed) taught he can’t meet up with his dream to win soul like Chioma Jesus and Frank Edward for God which is his role model as he is schooling , but the mom advice he to pray and ask God to give he four years to study in university after then he will come back to praise his name and use it to win soul for God world widely, the Gosepl Artist Minister ALE AMADI did as the mom said and he started schooling and God showed he favour he became course rep throughout his university days and one time Senator in the faculty level he also became elder in cancel in their earthice house in their school Chapter he also became their Community Student Union President befor he graduated, and he was awarded with second class lower division in Music Education (BA ED) after he graduated.

ALE AMADI started thinking of what he will do that will give he money to help his music career a good friend introduce he to Paml furit interpreunship which he engage his self

The handsome Gospel singer Minister ALE AMADI joined busy beat music in 2017 but later left the label after five years of staying with them and nothing was moving on his music career.

But the Artist was still courageous that he will meet up with his dreams.

After coming back to his uncle Samuel Walelle Amadi who is a Pastoring at SeventhDays Adventist church in porthacourt and told him of his story, the uncle adviced him to get baptized first, which he did and started worshipping in the church at rumuodomaya branch pH.

In 2022 he later signed a contract with NEW LEVELS MUSIC (N.L.M) which is owned by Mrs. Amadi Chinyere the chair leader.

The team have been enjoying their stay while working with the singer.

The singer was born into the family of two boys one girl,so far the Multi-talented gospel singer ALE AMADI has dropped single like (story changer ft Kelly blitz and answer my prayer).

By Lordsent David

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