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Be still by Jennifer George Mp3 Download

ByLordsent David

Apr 4, 2023

Be still by JENNIFER GEORGE is now available for download


According to https://gospeljamzmp3.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/Be-Still-by-Jennifer-George-_-Gospeljamzmp3-Com.mp3 George

The holy spirit inspired me to write this song when I was praying and asking God question about my life and where do I go from here and the Spirit of the Lord said to me am coming just wait for me and I started singing the song in the spirit, and the first person I sang this song to was in tears and said to me how do you know am passing through things and need to be encouragement few months later the man call and told me what God used this song to do in his life and I gave God thanks then the holy Spirit told me to release this song and post it on my birthday 28 of March and he helped me to achieve it today being my birthday I am very, very grateful to God almighty for bringing it to pass

By Lordsent David

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