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Music, Lyrics + Video: Prinx Emmanuel – Blast (tongues

ByLordsent David

Feb 2, 2024

Latest song by prinx Emmanuel now out title BLAST ( Tongue)



When I speak in tongues

Power must to come down it’s a must

And I no need to even dey for church

Ah fit make everywhere to dey Burn

With only my tongues

When the matter is arising

I just need to activate the garrison

And I no need to dey run helta skelter

I enter corner

I no dey waste time

I go dey blast

Dey fire

When I start to blast here

fire can’t quench

The spirit is in me

And I get the license

I say we don de fire three hours

And e be like say the egwu never start

We still de the sound check

Whenever you hear me


Na the sword I de draw

No be ogbono

I de light up the place

Opor por por por

We get the power to de lambano sha

When we do they go say we de bragado sha

Upward and forward we move

We no de go back and forth

No be jangolova (swing)

I say the thing full my chest o

And steady I de edify myself o

Me I go chop am till it digest o

And the result Na, the oil wey dey my head

By Lordsent David

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