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Music : Afro Praise by Rhoda Ewa iyin jesu

ByLordsent David

Oct 17, 2023

Afro praise by Dr Rhoda (Ewa Iyin Jesu ) This track was an outburst of gratitude to God based on various life experiences faced by me. Nothing can be given to God except shout of Thanksgiving, dancing and raising our hands up to shout Hallelujah. Let’s enjoy this intriguing and captivating melody and well composed lyrics



E je ka yin Baba oo

Ka fiyin f’olu Orun

Come with a gladsome mind

Ka fiyin f’olu orun

Okan mi yin Oba Orun o

Ka fiyin f’olu Orun

Ohun gbogbo to wa ninu mi

Ka fiyin f’olu Orun

Oba to pawamo, Emmanuel

A yin o

Mo gb’apa o se gbe

Mo gbe’se o se gbe

Mo l”anu okun ahon tu

A fiyin f’olu Orun

Okan mi yin Atobiju

A fiyin f’olu Orun

You are worthy to be praised

King of kings, Lord of lords

Almighty, we praise your name (2×)

Ki la le se f’eledumare

A fi k’adupe, ka f’ijo yin Oba ogo

Ka pariwo ope,

owo mi l’oke yaya

Thank you Lord

Baba e se, e se oo (2x)

Make I ask you something

Wetin my God dey do oo

Na super wonder he dey do (2×)

Na so wonder Jesus dey do


Bi mo l’egberun ahon

Ko to la ti yin o o

Bi gbogbo irun ori mi je ahon o

Ko to la ti gbe o ga


M o wo iwaju

Mo ri ise owo re

Mo w’ehin wo

Mo ri anu re

Mo w’otun w’osi

Mo ri ola re

Ani, ki la le se f’eledumare

A fi ka dupe

ka fijo yin oba ogo

Ka pariwo ope

Owo mi l’oke yaya

Thank you Lord

Baba e se e se oo


Ijo ki n ba Jo fun Baba

Ara ki n ba da fun Baba

Ma ji Jo owo otun

Boya a ye Baba

Ara ki n ba da fun Baba

Ma ji Jo owo osi

Boya a ye Baba mi

Ara ki n ba da fun Baba

By Lordsent David

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