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[Music] Agu Neche Mba By Proper Gift Mp3 Download

ByLordsent David

May 26, 2023

“AGU NECHE MBA” by Proper Gift is an Eastern Nigerian language that means THE LION THAT GUARDS THE CITY”


In Igbo culture, the lion is a symbol of strength, power, and courage, and is often used to represent a leader or a protector.

The phrase “Agu Neche Mba” is therefore a powerful and evocative way of describing a leader who is vigilant and protective of their people.


Proper Gift is a passionate Gospel Music Minister from Bonny Island, Rivers State, Nigeria.

As a History and International Diplomacy student at Rivers State University, She has committed her life to spreading the gospel through music.

Leading the worship team, Team Hallell, Proper Gift has become a beloved figure in the Gospel music scene.

She’s the host of the monthly online sections INNER SACRED SOUNDS AND WORSHIP HIM SERIES 

Proper Gift is currently just released her first single

AGU NE CHE MBA” which is bid to be released in May. It is Anticipated to be a great debut.

As She continues to share Her passion and mission with the world, Proper Gift is poised to make a lasting impact on the Gospel music scene, spreading the gospel to all corners of the world with Her inspiring voice and music.




By Lordsent David

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