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It’s Been The Lord By Comfort Ini Ifiok Mp3 Download

ByLordsent David

Mar 13, 2023

Comfort ini-ifiok is a POWERFUL gospel singer and song writer who writes and sings inspirational and spirit filled songs. Get my songs to attend the spiritual heights you desire and stay connected to God. My first song titled No other Name and the second one Its been the Lord are mine top two playing song and more loading soon. I am also a pastor, a wife and a mother. My aim is to exalt the name of God and to advance his kingdom.

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Psalm 124
If it had not been the Lord, that was on my side, my enemies, they would have swallowed me up.
If it had not been the Lord that was on my side, the struggles of life would have drown me..

Verse 1- oh ( tongues) Thank you Jesus
Its been your love all the way
Your grace and your mercy, has given me the strength to go through my struggles and my huzzles
The traps of my enemies,
Through it all, I have seen your hands.
Repeat (chorus)

Verse 2- I came from nothing, your grace found me
Daily you’ve taken me from Glory to Glory to Glory to Glory and all my enemies, you’ve put them to shame
The Lord in the midst of me is mighty.
Repeat chorus)
Interlude- guitar
If it had not been the Lord on my side, its been the Lord on my side( repeatedly)


By Lordsent David

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