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Sonia Praize – You Are Worthy Mp3 Download

ByLordsent David

Feb 8, 2023

Sonia Praize. I am currently living in Australia but originally from Burundi. I Love music, music is the medicine to my Life. When I say music, I am talking about Gospel music.

I Usually don’t write music, I always hear a new song playing in my head and I write it down. The song could come while in church, having a conversation, sleeping, crying etc. Music is always on my mind. Most times the song that comes is always based on the current situation I am going through, or simply a sermon someone is sharing.

When I Worship, my Goal is always to lead people in a deeper place of worship, being able to connect them to the heart of the Father. Through worship we can also receive our healing and deliverance.

I continue to pray that God continues to Work in me and change lives through me . I Pray That When people hear my songs their lost hope can be Activated again in the name of Jesus.

God bless you all
Sonia Praize



By Lordsent David

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