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[MUSIC] Bishop jubal – Holy Spirit

ByLordsent David

Dec 26, 2022

Solo 1,,

how can I sing, _____mmm or preach without your spirit, o o u u,how will I live or breath without you,,, hay, I I am nothing no me without you God, mmm,, and so I am tasty for your spirit your spirit I neeeed your holyghost like never before to take over me eee my zoeh e my soul let it clings with your spirit so I am desperate for you Chorus, I need your holy spirit to, move oh u move move in side me all over me holy spirit take over a a a move in me, I need your holy spirit to move move inside me eeeeee move allover me all over mee eeeee,,move in me second solo,, the time has come we need to worship in truth and in spirit yes lord father I… Desire your holyghost no mountain is too high to climb ye no river too wild to cross all I need is the help of the holy spirit holy spirit so I am mm mm desperate for you u u so I am desperate for you, 2chorus, I need your holy spirit to move holy spirit take over me move I need you to come and take over all over me move in mee e move in me, i need your holy spirit tooo move move I desire your holyghost allover me move in me move in me, I need your holys of holy to move inside me inside mee move oh all over me eeeee move in me, I need your holy spirit to move oh move your holy spirit is what I need All over mee eeeee move in me,,,john chapter 4 vs 23 says but the hour comes and now is when the true worshipers shall worship the father in spirit and in truth for the father seeketh such to worship him God is a spirit and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth



By Lordsent David

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