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Music: Bro Ben – Hear me

ByLordsent David

Jun 19, 2022

Bro Ben

Who was a secular singer, formally know as chowcho da bad guy

From benue state Abuja base

Who who finally make a good choice by responding to God call and decided to use his talent to worship and praise God

Is finally out with an anointing, inspirational worship and prayer



please come down and hear me Lord
please come down and hear my cry (2x)
you never failed me, you’re always there for me,
you make me smile when am am sad
you give me hope when am hopeless
you make me strong when am weak
you never failed me so am calling on you
please hear me one more time
you are the God that will never disappoint
I put my trust in you cause you are trustworthy
you are the living God so I call upon your name
you are the God I know so am crying to you
Jehovah nisi I am that I am
alpha and Omega the faithful God
you have done it go me and you will do it again
you are the living God so I call upon your name

By Lordsent David

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