Humble Saint – YOU ft Goodness Amazing [ Video + Audio]

The song (YOU) describes how God has always helped me

How God brought me out from Depression
How he brought me out from many problems.
God has always been faithful.



Verse 1
When I had no words to say
You gave me those words of manifestation
When I had nothing to do
You gave me talent
You’re my protector
You are my guidance
Am nothing without you
Am nothing without you Lord 
Am useless without you
You are my strength
You are my peace
You are my anchor
You are my all
When I was hidden
You brought me out(×3)
Jesus from poverty
You brought me out(×3)
From depression
You brought me out(×3)
Verse 2
The same God who saved me is the same who helped me 
Jesus you brought me
Many many times you loved me
 many many times you hold me
Jesus you brought me out
Words are not enough to express it 
But I will still sing loud
Jesus you brought me out
See how you brought me out(×2)
Jesus you brought me out.

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